February 20, 2008


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There is no past. It’s a dream, an illusion. What we did…who we were, has some bearing on what we are now and perhaps even what we are yet to be. But what is past is gone.

There is no future…not yet. What we do now has some bearing on what will be. But there is no promise of anything beyond now.

The only thing that is, the only thing that matters, is now. The moment is the only thing that is real. And it is the “quality of moment” that is of the utmost importance. Everything we do, in every moment should be directed toward the full experience of the moment. For it’s quality, good or bad, is all that we have.

It’s unfortunate that we must sacrifice some quality of some moments in preparation for future moments. Funny thing that. We’re not guaranteed any future at all, yet we spend a large quantity of our precious few moments making investments in the future.

Our minds create the expectation of future because we remember the past.

What’s the balance? How much of now do we sacrifice for an unreal future? Sacrifice none and potentially reduce the quality of future moments. Sacrifice all and miss each moment…forever.


February 6, 2008


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Round and round
a twirling top
a whirling wind
a dripping drop

Fanning flames
a blowing breeze
a finch’s flight
a starting stop

As faint a whisper on the wind
a gentle brush across the skin

Perhaps noticed, perhaps not
either way… as soon forgot

Three Things

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Everything that we do serves but one of three purposes. One is to avoid death, while another is to serve as mere diversion to let us forget even for a moment that we will die. The third, and might I say the only thing that is worthwhile, is creation.

Kill your God

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I think that the main thing that holds man back is that most do not bother to develop a functioning philosophy for their lives. Generally, people tend to either accept what is spoon fed to them from birth in the form of the family religion, or they abandon their upbringing and replace it with nothing.  

I don’t believe that a person can truly find their true potential unless they first put aside what was handed them and then spend their lives creating their own personal views on existence. If they come full circle and find themselves returned to their roots, then they will have found their way to their true self. And the same is true if they find something altogether new.