October 18, 2009

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The one thing that really makes me angry is the disturbance of my now. The reduction of quality of any given moment. Anything that distracts from or otherwise reduces whatever pleasure I may be deriving from my own thoughts and my own moment. After all, my moment is all there is.



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It is in my silent smile that I will detest you. Loathe you. Not for our inequality, but rather for your squandering of our equality. I’ll smile a compassionate, tender smile; a smile of contentment. But it will be a secret, mocking smile, sated from feasting upon all that you waste and want not. I’ll not pity you in your shallow grave. Pity. HA! Pity is the compassion of fools; a thing akin to sympathy. It is pity for you that has wearied me. But no more. Empathy (or should I say, empassion?)… now there is where I find us. I’ll bask in that light that we share; the one thing that is the same in you and I… and all. As for the rest, that I will discard as I do the rubbish…with a smile. It is your will-less refusal to bathe with us that keeps you small.