October 18, 2009


Posted in Uncategorized at 12:48 am by travisritch

It is in my silent smile that I will detest you. Loathe you. Not for our inequality, but rather for your squandering of our equality. I’ll smile a compassionate, tender smile; a smile of contentment. But it will be a secret, mocking smile, sated from feasting upon all that you waste and want not. I’ll not pity you in your shallow grave. Pity. HA! Pity is the compassion of fools; a thing akin to sympathy. It is pity for you that has wearied me. But no more. Empathy (or should I say, empassion?)… now there is where I find us. I’ll bask in that light that we share; the one thing that is the same in you and I… and all. As for the rest, that I will discard as I do the rubbish…with a smile. It is your will-less refusal to bathe with us that keeps you small.


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