March 10, 2008


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Keep your kiss lying long upon my lips
Let in linger while I wish for one more way
To tell the tale of my heart’s happy home
Inside your smile so sweet and lifting laughter’s lilt
For but brief is birth to death driving ever down
To final farewell forever that words would wilt the wonders

So, keep your kiss lying long upon my lips
That I might measure my days in dancing dreams
Thinking of those things that we planned, and paid, and purposed
To live our lives longing always to add to all we are
As one we went while others understood not
Of songs that sang so strong inside our happy hearts

Love, keep your kiss lying long upon my lips
That the end ever be at bay
Painful parting pressed by time’s terrible ticking tempo
Forward to the forgetful forever of death’s dark doors
Let my final breath be borrowed from thy moist mouth to mine
So our souls, though sundered, seek ever endless each to each

February 6, 2008


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Round and round
a twirling top
a whirling wind
a dripping drop

Fanning flames
a blowing breeze
a finch’s flight
a starting stop

As faint a whisper on the wind
a gentle brush across the skin

Perhaps noticed, perhaps not
either way… as soon forgot

January 27, 2008


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What reality

      is time?


Just because it’s trapped me

      in it’s ticking


That it is

      all that is

is sickening


I’d trade the want

      of when

for now

      and now again


For time is nothing

      but my

mind’s own tricking!